Patrick Thorman
A quick interview by Raine Liimakka 6/2014

pic: Niklas Zimmer

1. When did you realize that you really are a bass player after all?

In high school. I picked up the bass when I was eleven. My mom had promised me an electric bass if I was to stop eating candy for a year or so. Finally I got te bass and I played rock music for many years. Later, when I started high school, I got my first real teacher in music, and he really got me into the idea of developing technique and musicality, by truly dedicated practice. That’s when the penny dropped.


2. Do you have a classical education background?

See question #5.


3. Do you pursue to do stuff with other musicians or do you just end collaborating with everyone?



4. Who WAS and who IS your favorite musicians at this point?

It’s been Syd Barrett for many years, along with Roky Erickson - and a couple of years of Brian Eno. The last couple of months, I’ve really started to understand John Lennon.


5. Who made you play jazz/improvisation?

When I started high school, we had mandatory schooling in jazz - and once I picked up the double bass I also participated in the symphonic orchestra classes and some string ensembles.


It was one of my class mates - and long time musical companion, Sofia Jernberg who first got me into free improvisation. We used to practice and experiment together during the lunch breakes and after school, and she lent me a lot of records, with mind blowing improvisers such as Barry Guy, Stefano Scodanibbio and Sainkho Namtchylak.


6. Who would you like to play with before you end up six feet under?

I have a list with names, but I really don’t want to rush it through - just to unchecked them and put it on my resume. There is plenty of musicians and artists that I, for various reasons, admire - and I sometimes dream of collaborating with them, but for me, it’s essential to try and find the right context to work in, with each and every one of them. Further I'm afraid that the magic might just disappears once that’s been done - but if to only mention one; I would say PJ Harvey.


7. What do you listen to when not listening to jazz/improvisation? Do you listen to it at home at all?

I rarely listen to jazz and improvised music at home. I really do prefer hearing it live – although there is some pretty excellent imrov- and jazz records out there and I have a couple of them – and I occasionally give them a spin, but my favorite choice of music is 60’s-70’s psychedelic pop and kraut rock.


8. What´s your favorite way of traveling?

By bike. I just love biking. It’s soo free! I’m dreaming about getting myself a Christiana-bike, with just enough room for the double bass and a thermos full of coffee.


9. Where would you travel right now without your instrument?

I don’t know, really. I kind’a like the idea of bringing my instrument - where ever I go.


10. What´s your favorite accessory to the double bass?

The bow.






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